This article represents the results of benchmarking the electricity distribution network operators’ activity range at the regional markets in Russia and foreign countries. The structural features of the power grid complex and the distribution network operators’ property forms are studied. Benchmarking of the distribution network operators’ number in both absolute terms and in relation to an electricity consumption, population, and the countries’ square territory. An evaluation has been done for the local distribution network operators’ concentration level at the regional markets. It is shown that Russian power grid complex ranks second in the world with the numbers of the distribution network operators. Although its position in terms of relative indicators and concentration rate level is comparable to that of a number of major countries. As follows from the results of the study: The structure and tenure forms of electric grid facilities and mechanisms of regulation in each country are determined by the historical development of the electric power industry, the ratio of regulatory and management powers in this area between the Central government as well as regional and municipal authorities. It has been found that in countries with a low-level concentration of the power grid complex, similar to the Russian Federation, that the tendency has been a decreasing number of power grid organizations. The study confirmed the hypothesis that the number of local distribution network operators, in the regions of the Russian Federation as of 2020, remains redundant, that requiring the continued pursuit of activities to consolidate the power grid complex. The represented analysis results will be used to prepare proposals to improve the parameters and mechanisms made to consolidate the power grid complex of the Russian Federation.

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